Ohio University’s most anticipated annual high school workshop took place, July 11-14, on the Athens Campus. The School of Media Arts & Studies’ fifth annual High School Media Workshop introduced high school students to the media industry and allowed them to explore topics such as audio, music, video, animation and social media.

Anthony DiRienzo, a student leader who attended the first MDIA High School Media Workshop while he was in high school, talked about the impact it had on him.

“When I first did this workshop, I knew I was going to Ohio University, but I was still unsure about what I should major in,” DiRienzo said. “After the program was over, not only was I sold on the University, but I knew I belonged in the School of Media Arts & Studies. And now, years later, I am leading students who are in the exact same position that I was.”

During the workshop, students were divided into four groups that rotated through five different core sessions which provided a sampling of the MDIA curriculum. Throughout the week, students attended sessions on music production, video production, film sound, animation and games, and social media. Students were able to write and produce their own songs, learn basic animation, create sound for a movie, and produce a short video.

“An incredible aspect of the High School Media Workshop is that students attend not only to experience what the School of Media Arts & Studies has to offer within its curriculum but also for that first college experience, including one-on-one mentoring to help focus their passion and future career goals,” said workshop Associate Director Kyle P. Snyder. “It’s truly gratifying seeing students interacting with one another and engaging in the creative process; their imagination and unique and creative spirit helped facilitate a powerful educational experience.”

“I think this year’s workshop was our best yet,” Dr. Riggs said. “The student leaders raised us to a new level and were a tremendous influence to the participants. We’ve gotten numerous emails from attendee’s parents who were so impressed and expressed their relief of not having to continue to look at other colleges.”

For more information on the High School Media Workshop, visit http://mediaschool.ohio.edu/hsmw. View student projects from this year’s workshop at http://mediaschool.ohio.edu/hsmw-news.

Story by Kelly Barrett; Photos provided by the School of Media Arts & Studies