With spring break rapidly approaching, registration for summer session courses is currently open at Ohio University with advising season just about to kickoff. I’ve always been a major proponent of summer courses. They give you the opportunity to focus on just a few courses at a time, many which may be electives that focus on a particularly interesting area of research or study that may not be offered again. This summer the School of Media Arts & Studies is offering several interesting courses and I’m very excited to be teaching one of the offerings in second summer session.

I’m particularly excited to be teaching Recording Music on Location in the second summer session. It’s a course that I feel audio students of all levels can benefit from which will include approaches tailored to both modern and classical genres for interested students. The only requirements are a basic understanding of audio (which can always be waived) and a desire to record great audio in often challenging settings (this is required). We’ll be working from the excellent Recording Music on Location by Bruce and Jenny Bartlett and there will be several independent projects that will be enjoyable for students at every level of ability. I don’t know about you but suddenly I’m excited for the summer!

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