You’ve reached the online home of my teaching, various ongoing research, writing, and projects grounded in audio engineering and audio pedagogy. I invite you to learn more about my research as well as about me. Additional writings on a variety of subjects can be found on my blog. For students participating in a study, materials are available via the respective student portals linked below. If you have any questions, I invite you to contact me.

Research, Writing, & Projects

Courses I Presently Teach

  • Sound for Moving Image
  • Critical Listening (Spring)
  • Live & Remote Music Recording

Courses I Have Taught

  • Audio Production Basics
  • Music Production and Technology I
  • Video and Audio Field Production (Co-Taught)
  • Music Production & Technology II
  • Sound for Radio Theatre
  • Field Audio
  • Advanced Audio Production for Pro Tools (Graduate)

Student Portals

  • No data collection currently active