Snyder Engineers “Rotations” Medical Podcast In Coordination With Ohio University HCOM

Kyle P. Snyder, Lecturer in the School of Media Arts & Studies and Audio Post Production Coordinator & Engineer for The Veterans’ Project, has also been serving as Supervising Audio Engineer to Rotations, the weekly podcast of all things medical. Rotations is a production of Media in Medicine, a family of medical storytelling initiatives developed by faculty from Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Scripps College of Communication which includes The Veterans’ Project. The podcast has also been presented by its creator, Nisarg Bakshi, to great acclaim at the North American Primary Care Research Group in Montreal in Fall 2017 and at the Ohio Osteopathic Symposium in Spring 2018. Download or view Rotations today on the show page using your podcast / vodcast service of choice.

Kyle P. Snyder

Kyle P. Snyder is an engineer, educator, and consultant skilled in audio recording and mixing, sound design for film and video, facility design and integration, and live event production. Snyder works remotely on projects of all sizes from his Ohio-based studio, White Coat Audio, LLC. He is also a faculty member within Ohio University’s School of Media Arts & Studies dedicated to the advancement of audio education for engineers at every stage of development where he routinely teaches courses in music production, critical listening, and sound design for film and video.