In September I posted about an exciting partnership between Ohio University Media Arts & Studies students this Fall Semester of 2012 – 2013 that provides an internship / independent study opportunity to complete several radio dramas, an ongoing content initiative of the WOUB Public Media.

I’m pleased to report that the students are currently working hard on wrapping up Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll and will soon be starting on Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie. They’ve been working tremendously hard, and the results are looking great!

In my last post I mentioned my hope to soon be sharing some great student work with you via / in the very near future, and while Through the Looking Glass isn’t 100% ready for I’m pleased to share Chapter 7 of Through the Looking Glass with you.

Narrated by Karen M. Chan with the Wired for Books Players
Produced by Kyle P. Snyder and Mark Robinson.

I know I’m pleased with the results thus far, and I hope you enjoy it too. The students hope to have Through the Looking Glass completed in the coming weeks and Peter and Wendy completed by the semester’s end.

Photo: Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll