Hello and welcome to my portal for students. If you need assistance I’d encourage you to start by perusing the student resources & F.A.Q.  All appointments are scheduled by visiting Judy Wilson in Schoonover 317 or via email at wilsonj@ohio.edu.

Office Hours

Appointments will be held in Schoonover Center 333. Please bring any paperwork relevant to your specific needs.

Available appointment types:

  1. Office Hours Appointment – 15 minutes
  2. Academic Advising – 20 minutes
  3. HTC Tutorial Meeting – 30 minutes
  4. Extended Appointment (Only When Instructed) – 30 minutes

Student F.A.Q

Q: Do you have any advice for students seeking jobs / internships?

A: Of course! I’d recommend reading my lengthy list of suggestions which include job search, resume, and public profile information.

Q: I’m working in the Mac lab and need help. What should I do?

A: Take a look at our helpful troubleshooting guides which should get you back on track.

Student Resources