pin-outs in a pinch

Ever found yourself looking for the pin-outs of a 5 Pin XLR Connector or an Apple Display Connector and come up short? While there are many sources for pin-outs, a good start in your search is, which has a surprisingly comprehensive index of common audio, video, and electrical connectors and cables. Vendor websites are helpful as well, especially when dealing with more specialized connections like DB25 or EDAC. My favorite resource for these connections is the pin-out page of; they have a wonderfully complete resource which I find myself visiting at least once every few months. Have any favorite resources for pin-outs or any other wiring related hints? Share it with us in the comments!

photo by matsuyuki

Kyle P. Snyder

Kyle P. Snyder is an educator, engineer, and consultant dedicated to the advancement of audio education for engineers at every stage of development. He is a faculty member within Ohio University’s School of Media Arts & Studies where he routinely teaches courses in music production, recording, mixing and mastering, critical listening, sound design for film and video, and live event production.